February 24, 2012

Friday failure :(

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It had to happen sooner or later, didn’t it?  I’ve been so lucky recently with my health and I am grateful for that.

Hips, pelvis, back, one knee and both wrists are bad.  You know when I say bad, that it’s awfully painful and I can do very little.  Can’t write or type really.  Walking is interesting.  Tears and swearing are rather common. And I’m exhausted again – and not sleeping well.  A perfect combination!

Am planning on spending this afternoon through to Sunday night in my pyjamas, bundled up trying to keep warm and cozy in the hope I’ll be ‘fixed’ for Monday.  Hey ho.


February 22, 2012

To partake or not to partake? That is the question!

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As you’ll be fully aware, yesterday was Shrove Tuesday. The day of lovely, pale yellow, yummy-ness.  In fact, the only day that hubby cooks, so it’s a win-win usually for me.

Except there’s the small matter of weight watchers.  Grrrr.

I was determined not to be defeated, so I found a ww recipe which gave a total of 2 points per pancake.  Horrah!  I did some sums and managed my day and then for tea had pancakes. Yum yum yum.  No sugar this year, just lemon and tonnes of fruit but oh my days it was lushious. Enjoy!

February 20, 2012

Weigh in number nine.

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Weigh in this afternoon went well, if I do say so myself! Have lost another pound and a half so I have lost a grand total of eighteen and a half pounds. Yey.

Three more vouchers to go and I have a dilema. My personal target is only three and a half pounds away, which let’s face it, is really manageable even if I don’t try very hard! The leader has told me my 15% target is six and a half pounds away from today, and I really like the idea of that challenge, to get to that on my last voucher.  Maybe my valentines kitkat needs to be left in the fridge for a few more weeks however.

Anyway, for a bit of a giggle, here is what I was given today (if I can somehow work out how to include a photo!)  For my stone and my 10%.  Enjoy 🙂

February 18, 2012

Those beautiful BMI numbers

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On Monday at weight watchers, I hit my 10% target. I have no clue what this is 10% of or towards or what so please don’t ask! When entering my details online (not just satisfied with a piece of paper me, I like a coloured graph on the computer!) it told me that I should have seen an important change to my BMI, so I decided to have a see on the nhs website.

Well. I wish I hadn’t bothered in all honesty.  According to the nhs, because I haven’t been blessed with the tall genes, I am still a fat, lardy-arsed, heifer.  Yep, those words popped up on my computer screen, honest they did.

The day I got married, I was possibly the heaviest I have ever been.  On that day, my BMI was 34.01 a lovely ‘obese’ number for the nhs.  Which is fair enough, I was quite rotund.  On the day I started weight watchers, that BMI had fallen to 31.76.  Still obese, but I was heading from the bright red ‘imminent heart attack warning’ to the slightly less glaring orange ‘you’re still terribly unhealthy’.

So, on losing my stone with ww, my BMI is 29.13 and woohoo, I am officially overweight. A dark yellow rather than the belisha beacon orange, and more importantly, not obese anymore, yey!

My target (set by myself, no one else) is to lose a stone and a half with ww from when I started with them.  If (and it really is a big if) I manage that, my BMI would be 27.59 which still keeps me at overweight and cricky, where would all my feminine curves be then?  A further half stone ONTOP of that would make me 26.46 – losing two stone from first ww meeting still makes me overweight. Scary stuff really. Am I ever going to eat anything other than plain grilled chicken with salad or veg?

So, this got me a bit addicted.  What would it take for me to be ‘healthy’ in the eyes of some stupid mathematical computer program?  Apparently, ‘healthy’ is to be 25 or less.

To hit 24.96 which let’s face it, is scraping the barrel totally, I have to have lost two and a half stone since my first ww meeting.  Seriously?!!? I’m struggling with motivation now and it’s only been one!

To be 22.3, smack bang in the middle of healthy and a nice bright green colour on the graph thing, I would need to lose ANOTHER stone.  To be mid-range healthy for the nhs, I would have to weigh a very scary combination of the numbers eight and six.

Now, I’m very happy with what I’ve acheived so far.  Believe me, I am thrilled to bits, I LOVE the fact I can now pick up a size 14 and it will fit.  I am so appreciative of the well wishes and compliments I’m getting right now.  I KNOW I look better than I did before.  I know I look better in terms of attractiveness and skin clarity.  But to go from my personal target which is quite full-on as it is, to take off another two stone as well ……… Oh my days, honestly?!

February 14, 2012

Romance? Pah!

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I lost four pounds yesterday apparently at the weigh-in. That’s a total of seventeen to date. Yey me! I have four vouchers left and at the least, I want to lose another four pounds to get to a stone and a half.

Just the small hurdle of today and the shops, tv and all media being FULL of chocolate and more chocolate and oh! Some chocolate. If hubby brought me a box of chocolates today he’d be sleeping on the sofa for-ev-er! I have asked him however to get me two of the new kitkat chunky flavour bars. Kitkat chunkys are a billion times better than boxes of fiddly, tiny individual chocolates in some lurid pink box. Love is a kitkat (at least one!), not a box of belgian truffles.

Do you think if I mention that brand of chocolate bar any more, they might send me a free box-full of normal, the new orange and the new double chocolate flavours? Hmmm, fingers crossed!

My hands are KILLING me and I can’t type anymore.

February 4, 2012

Eleven wishes for Two Thousand and Eleven

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I found a notebook the other day in which I’d written last January, my eleven wishes for 2011.  I asked hubby to do the same, but being a boy, he didn’t.  Hey ho.

I wanted to share my eleven wishes with you, because I’m going to apply most of them to 2012 and I’m going to want/need/invite you to be part of them too.  I am copy-typing these, so be gentle in your amusement!

1 – Get a diagnosis.
2 – Face everything positively.
3 – Ask for help when required, from everyone and anyone.
4 – Be a whole stone lighter by the year end.
5 – Let hubby inside my head, he can help me to solve my worries or acheive my dreams.
6 – Do what I’m told by the professinals, be it joint exersizes, resting or whatever!
7 – Take time each day for me, reading or gardening or something that helps relax me.
8 – Stop expecting so much! Patience is a skill I need to work on.  Rushing wastes time and hurts.
9 – Do more by myself – or with friends – nights out to the theatre or days to places. Don’t sit at home alone. Get a life!
10 – Treat myself once a month to something. Flowers, a manicure, a massage. Something that makes me smile.
11 –

Well, I didn’t do too badly really. Number 1 was done in October which was a blooming long time after January.  Number 4 will be done soon (hopefully Monday!) so I’m going to change that to half a stone, from this original stone.  You know what I mean!Numbers 7, 9 and 10 I’m working on still, but I’m getting better at them!  Being patient and positive is really not happening, I’m totally failing those.  Guess they need to be worked up the priority ladder!

I didn’t write wish eleven as I wanted to leave space *just in case*.  But I know what my 12 wishes for 2012 will be.

1 – instead of get a diagnosis, get some proper help and support. Financial, physical, emotional.
2 & 3 – same
4 – half a stone lighter from this stone!
5 through 10 – same
11 – finish my studying and training and become licensed.  And I want both licenses. Greedy.
12 – see the Severn Bore (sp?)

So there we go. A cheerful post for once!  You know my innermost thoughts now. Welcome!

February 2, 2012

Size 9 feet? Insert please

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I’m sorry I haven’t written anything for a while, my energy levels – much like my moods – have been all over the shop. One moment I’m hyper and happy and feel like I can take on the world, the next I’m plummeting into a pathetic pit of self pity and exhaustion. Not writing for three weeks hasn’t helped me one bit, writing (to all nine of you) really does help and when you contact me, it’s such a boost I can’t thank you enough.

The last time I wrote, I’d had a bit of a ‘mare at the weigh in hadn’t it? Half a pound, I was so not impressed. No idea what went wrong or anything like that, so I just got on with it all again. Monday 23rd I went back and lost three and a half pounds which just proves to me that her scales are busted as there is absolutely no way I turned things round like that. Monday 30th I was temping so no meeting for me. As I look towards next Monday I can honestly say I have not the faintest idea which way those numbers will fall. I’ve stuck so blooming well to my diet, I’ve weighed my food and counted my points so much I feel like a proper obsessive, but my scales at home show no movement in the numbers whatsoever. I’m so annoyed. No, actually annoyed isn’t the right word, something stronger to be inserted there please. I have a goal, I want to lose another half stone but this is to be on top of the half stone that I had in mind I would have lost by the next weigh in. Total over my weight-watchers voucher journey I would very much like to be one and a half stone. Achievable? Yes. Possible? Right now? I wonder.

So much is going on outside of stupid points land that maybe I’m not entirely focused on the job in hand? Work is pants, in that we have no work, so hours have been reduced and I’m worrying about the future. One of our cats is quite ill and I’m struggling to be okay with the daily routine of pills and different food and watching her throw up on a nightly basis. I had to see Russell my osteopath this week which led to much rearranging of my spine and hips and pelvis and the feeling of being totally bruised and battered afterwards. And the decorating that I’d started has ground to a halt due to hubby’s reluctance to sort through his stuff. Even though the new sofas are ensconced in the living room and one of the old sofas is well and truly abandoned in the dining room/snug/dumping ground. I’m frustrated with life on so many levels – and I know this is a negative emotion which isn’t going to help me – but I can’t help it right now. I need a massive kick up the bum which maybe a spot of decorating or a nice number on Monday would sort.