April 30, 2012


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I finished ww with my loss totalling 23lbs which wasn’t too shoddy.  My ww leader said I should apply for a ‘special goal weight’ from my doctor because essentially, I’d never get to an accepted BMI number without chopping of limbs etc.  Anyway, long girly rambling story short, my doctor signed a form which said he was very happy with what I’d done and he wasn’t going to insist on my attempting to reach a BMI of 25.  Yey.  He even put on the form that my goal weight could be the weight I finished ww at.  Even more yey.

So now, I’m what’s known as a Gold member.  I get absolutely nothing for it, just a different coloured form to write the numbers of doom on it and I get to attend meetings for free as long as I stay within 5lbs of my goal weight.

Being as I hadn’t been for a month (and within that month had been away for two weeks, had Easter, returned to work and consumed a tin of chocolates and biscuits from Christmas) I figured I should get my act together and see how bad things had been.  Weirdly, last week said I’d maintained my weight which was flipping amazing as I know how much I’ve shovelled into my face.  I’ve found attempting to ‘maintain’ harder than I thought.  I can be good for breakfast and lunch and then come tea time I’m like a locust out of the bible plague, nothing is safe. 

Since last Monday, I’ve been even worse, it’s scary how little I’ve learnt and how un-responsible I am towards food.  So I figured I’d have to face up to the numbers again so I went again today.  The scales said I’d lost a pound.  I want to go yey and dance around the room but instead I’m rather dazed and confused.  How on earth have I lost a pound?


(PS I have also caught up with the technological world and am the owner of a smart phone, so any ‘app’ recommendations are fab!  Weight or health related or not, I don’t mind!)


April 11, 2012

ipod’s don’t swim in lemonade

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A much known fact it would seem. Known by everyone except me!  Yep, I’ve killed my ipod and it wasn’t even my fault – a bottle leaked in my bag. I don’t know how much got into the inner workings, I’m hoping only enough to mash the battery and so a new one should solve the problem – once hubby has watched enough youtube videos to work out how to take it apart and change it and put it back together. Fingers crossed.  In the meantime, if you have an unloved ipod classic that would like a new home, you know where I am 🙂

I’m avoiding the point really.  I know I haven’t posted for ages and for that I’m sorry.  Especially if you were wondering or were worried.  I felt like I had nothing much to say to be honest.  I’ve had some more medical appointments with various people/sectors and I’m coming away from them rather disappointed and disheartened.  Nothing I – or any of you – can do, so why moan about it?  Have also not been great physically with regards pain levels and general joint failures and again, why moan about it when it’s a usual situation?  Life goes on as someone somewhere said once.

Aside from my average miserable-ness, I finished my twelve WW vouchers on Monday 19th March with a weight loss total of 23lbs.  Whilst I am certainly going to continue what I’ve learnt with regards portion sizes and content, I don’t know that I can honestly live a life of permanent abstinence.  I miss so much stuff and not just ‘junk’ either.  Cheese I appreciate isn’t fabulous for me, but the calcium in it is.  And I’m not going to eat half a pound of it in one go.  I miss nuts and seeds and fruit juices too which are all fairly ww-points-weighty.  I want to eat sandwiches and toast on occasion without then living off some watery vegetable soup for the rest of the day.  It’s going to be a time of adjustment I suppose, getting used to food and everything again.  This weekend though I have an evening out planned which involves some proper dressing up.  I have borrowed a dress which looks AMAZING currently and I want to do it proud.  I want to look at the pics next week and think that I didn’t actually look too bad.  So it’s porridge and ryvitas for a little while longer yet.