June 12, 2012

Dear Diet

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Dear Diet,
It’s just not working out between us. It’s not you, it’s me.
I just can’t stop cheating on you.
Love, Michelle


I robbed the above from my cousin.  It just made me laugh so much.  So true.

However, my weight loss journey is going well still.  I’m maintaining my ‘gold’ weight which is good.

My health journey is a bit more precarious.  My OT is leaving in September and there is currently no replacement.  My physio is good but a bit of a task-master which frustrates me.  I want practical help, not told to check my shoulder posture every five minutes and write lists at certain times of the day.  Hey ho. We shall persevere with the system.

I did way too much last week.  I know that now.  Now that I’m in the midst of a very painful crash.  Thought I was pacing myself quite well – yes I was busy but it was staggered busy. Maybe not eh?  I’m so sore that I’m considering seeing my osteopath to try and make things better.  When I’m looking for *that* phone number, I know I’m in a bad way.  Ooops.