July 31, 2012

Olympic Regret

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When I was at school I used to run.  Cross country in the winter, 200m and the relay in the summer.  Couldn’t throw or jump for toffee but I loved running.  I love the Olympics, the Commonweath Games, the Diamond League events throughout the year.  I love the Winter Olympics, the mad sports and impressive sports people.  I really like sitting with an atlas during the opening ceremony to learn where all these new and fantastic sounding countries are.  Even now, all these years on, I’m still enthralled by the games.  And my regret?  That I didn’t apply for tickets.

When it was announced that London had won the games, I have to confess, I was gutted.  I wanted Paris to win.  I didn’t think we, as a country could afford the games and we certainly didn’t have the infrustructure.  We didn’t have a 50m pool ‘in the south’ and Crystal Palace, that historic home of athletics, has been looking tired and dated for such a long time.  I wanted Paris to win so that there was no time difference for the viewer, no jet lag for our athletes and moreso, no cost to the humble tax payer.  As time has passed, I’ve been massively impressed by the work that has gone on, the fact that the stadiums are finished, the venues look brilliant.  Lord Coe still gives me the creeps, he’s got no charisma, no excitement to him.  He, a former olympian just doesn’t look all that bothered by these games.

But now, I’m sat shouting at the tv, the computer, the BBC ticker feed.  I cried when Tom and Pete messed up their fourth dive yesterday and I cheered when the boys got their medal of ever changing colour for their jumping and tumbling yesterday.  I’ve shouted at both cycling road races and still have the time trials to come.  I’m learning about horsey events, sword fighting and the multitude of ball games on offer.  I can’t wait for the athletics, my true passion.  There will be more shouting, more crying and more regret.

I realise now, that my joints and my body would simply not have coped with the journey, let alone the standing, the queueing, the sitting and waiting.  The magic of being at the games would have been massively overshadowed by the pain and fall-out.  I’m seeing friends and family mentioning and sharing photos of their games experience and I have to confess, I’m so very deeply jealous. 

I may not make it to the games physically, but I’m there in spirit and emotion.  If the Commonweath Games could make it to the Midlands, I’d be a happy girlie.  Fingers crossed.