September 27, 2013

I am a lazy blogger

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Good Morning lovely people.

I read a really lovely blog this morning about how someone felt that they should call their blog an unblog because they hadn’t written for 20 days.  It was a really enlightening read and reminded me of why I started this blog; to vent, to celebrate, to share, to ask for help.  I’ve been rubbish at that and on reflection, it’s a negative step on my part.

My OT’s and support system from the NHS have constantly reminded me that I *need* to ask for help, that I need to share what is going on.  That not asking and not sharing will only make me more ill.  And I laughed at that.  In my head, of course.  But new developments in my specialist appointments have made me wonder whether actually, I’m really not helping myself one tiny jot.

I don’t want to share my worries with you all because I want you to remember me pre-M.E.  – Before I dropped stuff, fell asleep at 8pm, lost my balance and my speech, before I couldn’t bear to be touched, before I needed helping up.   It’s selfish and stupid I know, because let’s be honest, if you’ve stuck with me thus far then you really don’t give a monkey’s about all that.  You’ve stuck with me because you care and all that *stuff* is really not important in the grand scheme of things.

So.  This week I have shared my worries with two fabulous ladies (small steps!) and they’ve both come up totally trumps.  They’ve taken my stress, squished it into dust and blown it into the wind.

Yey x