December 4, 2013

I am asking for help.

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Yep. Shocker isn’t it.  I am actually asking for help.

I want to celebrate getting through 2013.  My jar is one thing and I’m going to carry that on I’m sure (oh – if you want notes in the jar for events this year, send them to hubby, he’s very good and squirrelling them away) but I want something visual, something impactive.

You know I loved crafting and I had to give it up.  Blooming joints just won’t work.  Anyway, I’ve found this.  My sister says she’ll help me tie the knots:


I have *some* ribbon from before, so this is my please for help ….. Do you have oddments of ribbon or even narrow lace?  I’m not after rolls, that’s greedy, just snippets.  I have bits I’ve cut off underwear, those annoying hanging loops in tops, random ribbon that has just appeared.  If you have some you can spare, please send it over and help me commemorate another year of living.