March 21, 2014

So. Just *how far* is 5km?

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So I’ve done something crazy.  Really bonkers.

I’ve signed up – with my sister and hubby – to do a 5km Twilight Walk to raise money for cancer research on Friday May 16th.

It’s in eight weeks time and I have absolutely no concept of how far this distance is.  I also have no idea how this walk will impact upon my M.E. but it’s a fabulous cause and if I did any, the training would aid the weight loss I expect too.

So. If you think I’ve totally lost it or you just feel generous and nice, please feel free to donate a fiver.  Or more – we won’t say no!

Thank you in advance you lovely, lovely people.


March 19, 2014

week two over

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I have to say this was the most foolish idea I’ve had for a while.  Giving up anything vaguely nice for lent.  Bleugh.

Anyway, according to the scales I’ve lost three pounds this week, so that’s a grand total of four so far.  Yey.  Makes me wonder how far I was off two pounds last Wednesday really.

I’m not sure how much I can attribute to my new diet of fresh air and mindfulness.  Or how much is down to a flu bug thing that my husband so very generously shared with me which meant I did – and ate – very little on Sunday and Monday.  Once my head is free of gank, I’m sure I’ll be another stone lighter too.

Until next Wednesday …

March 12, 2014

Week one over

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So I’ve survived one week of lent and according to the scales I’ve lost one pound.

I’m disappointed it’s not two but one is better than none – or gaining. I’ve six more weeks to go and eleven more pounds to grate off my thighs.

Positive thoughts …..

March 5, 2014

Day One (again)

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So it was Shrove Tuesday last night. Today is day one of lent. I’ve decided to give up delicious things. Practically decided to give up food!

Thirty-nine days left to lose as much as possible. But no weigh-ins at meetings, no humiliation or praise. Can I shift twelve pounds by Easter?

Fingers crossed peeps.