September 10, 2014


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Candle both ends.
Multiple bats in care in spare room.
Broken sat-nav.

Bad times.


September 5, 2014

Waxing pics

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Don’t worry, this isn’t me at the beauticians!  You can stop pouring bleach into one’s retinas immediately!

I said I wanted to try and explain what happens with the hot wax treatments I had when I went to hydro and I took these pics the other week.  I’m not sure how they’ll load but hopefully, they’ll be in order and I can explain each step.  I guess it works for me because it warms the individual joints in all the little bones in my hands and wrists in a way that gloves and wheat pads just cannot.  Now that hydro is over, I need to decide whether to invest in one of these paraffin baths or whether I try and cope without the treatment.



So this is is the wax bath which had just been topped up 🙂  It looks like snowballs to me!  These are paraffin wax bombes which melt into the bath.  You can get fragrant ones apparently, but the NHS can’t use anything other than plain.


So, push one’s sleeves up, spread your fingers and slowly insert into the bath.  Then lift out.  Allow excess to drip off briefly then plunge back in.  Repeat five or six times.


Your hands gain this strange coating which gets in between and all over which is why you have to enter with your fingers splayed.   You build up the layers of wax and then insert into thick blue bags.


The blue bags keep the warmth of the wax contained.  Your blue-bagged-hands are then wrapped in a towel.  When I first started, it was one towel per arm but then it was reduced to one towel for both arms.  Not as cosy but I guess the NHS was sick of washing towels that hadn’t been in contact with my skin but still had to be washed because they’d been ‘used’.


I really loved the treatment, my hands and wrists felt brilliant afterwards but I can’t drive all the way to Worcester and pay extortionate parking fees on the off-chance the wax bath will be free and a physiotherapist can wrap me up.  But can I justify the cost of a paraffin bath, the bombes, the electricity and the space in an already cluttered house?