October 20, 2014

Tying myself up in knots

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Almost a year ago I asked for bits of ribbon and lace. I thought I should share my project, if only to ask once more for scraps and hanging loops from clothes! It’s been difficult going due to my obsessive need for no gaps. I can only sit and tie ten, maybe fifteen bits at a time. And it’s fiddly work which kills my fingers and back. But I’m pleased so far and whilst it wasn’t ready for last year and it really isn’t likely to be ready this year; I’m getting there.



October 10, 2014

Notes on now

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I’ve not been managing too well and my brave face on things has been shockingly rubbish too.  I’m sleeping lots during the day, I’m spaced out at work, I’ve got extreme mood swings and absolutely no attention span.  I recently saw my doctor and he has agreed that I should stick to an increased dose of my pain meds which now classifies them as anti-depressants.  Am I ashamed to admit this to the world?  I was, at first but now I know that if I don’t tell then I don’t get hugs and help.  I need another household angel, I need the domestic pressure taking off.  I can’t reduce my working hours any more, I shouldn’t be sleeping so much.  I should be better than this.