November 21, 2014

How was it for you?

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How was your World Kindness Day?  Did you get a surprise card or bunch of flowers?  I hope your Thursday was full of smiles.

I’ve started getting what my medical peeps call cluster headaches.  Attacks that come on suddenly, for no reason and make me feel like my head is both stretching to exploding point and sucking into itself via my eyeballs at the same time.  No trigger necessarily, not just when I’m at work or at home or in the morning or afternoon.  And sometimes they’ll last an hour or so, the longest I’ve had is three days.  I hate them.

But in a week’s time, I’ll be on Lundy.  And you all know what that place means to me and how much it fixes me.  Please keep everything crossed on December 1st that the helicopters are not affected by weather or mechanical gremlins and that I get an early trip across.  Not just because I selfishly want to get there as soon as possible, but so I don’t get into a total tizz having to listen to the noise of the machines (I’m so scared of them, honestly, I really, really hate helicopters) and trigger a ME fail.


Whilst I’m here, I’d love it if you’d consider using easyfundraising whilst you do your online shopping.  Food, pressies, insurance, train tickets and concert tickets too – just loads of retailers are involved like John Lewis, Amazon, Ticketmaster, pet food suppliers, grocery retailers and there are millions of good causes to choose from.  I’m possibly suggesting Evesham Bat Care ………… 😉


November 7, 2014

Looking towards Thursday 13th November

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I’m not hinting for anything 😉 but I wanted to share that I’ve learnt that next Thursday; the 13th November is World Kindness Day.


So I’m going to do some randomly nice things.  Here is fair warning that it might be for you.  It might just be a note or a text to say I appreciate you or a bunch of flowers but I want to share my thanks and all that girly gushing-ness on this particularly poignant day.


P.S. Monday 17th is homemade bread day but my breadmaker has died 😦  Feel free to … you know … send me bread, or cakes, or a new breadmaker! Hahaha

November 5, 2014

Starting over again

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This is a positive post 🙂

Since I’m enjoying doing my ribbon wreath, albeit a bit at a time I’ve made plans for my next wreath which I’ll make out of those tiny baubles that are about an inch diameter.  Baubles plus ring plus glue gun equals creating giggles and fun and a fabulous new thing to show I’m still able to craft and make pretty things. Something kinda like this I guess.  My sister is talking about making a pom-pom one so I’d best stock up on glue sticks whilst raiding the charity shops for tiny baubles!


I’m also needing to raise money for the bat care work.  The promotion of sponsor a bat for a fiver and give it any name you want is almost popular; we’ve had Jared Leto, Johnny Rotten and Mr Fluffy plus a couple more, but the hope that I’d have some proper rock star names hasn’t quite been achieved. However, all sponsorship will help the cute ones next summer.

In order to try and raise a bit more I’m thinking I’ll dig out all my card making stuff again.  The effort to sell it all didn’t really work so why not do something I love, with stuff I have, to raise money for something else I love?  Maybe if I’m not trying to make a living from it, I’ll get more pleasure out of it?

So, don’t forget me or the critters for upcoming events 🙂