February 4, 2015

The end is nigh

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Oh I do love a good dramatic title!

Things are okay, I’m not great mentally, I’ve been feeling quite down but I’m putting this down to the weather and lack of cute bats in the spare room.  My skin is dry, my lips are cracking and my joints and muscles are seizing up.  I’ve been trying to focus on positive things which is hard at this point in the calendar; although the snowdrops in my garden looked fab with a bit of frost around them.  I’m over-run with jealousy of the peeps that have snow.  I’ve seen nowt.  Sulk.

I’ve been collecting used stamps off the corner of incoming post for the spare room residents (hint, hint) and am preparing for our first holiday since November 2013 which happens next week.

I’ve also been working on my ribbon wreath that I started eighteen months ago.  It’s hard going – I can only do a few ribbons every few days so progress is horrendously slow but here’s where I’m at as of last night.  I’m worried I’m going to run out of ribbons so I’m hacking up the hanging loops off clothes and the annoying detailing off my underwear.  It want to say not far to go, but it’s about a quarter left still.  But the end is nigh.  Maybe by this Halloween I’ll be finished!


So if you happen to send me envelopes of ribbon offcuts, kitkat chunky bars and torn corners of your post, I’ll be thrilled to bits!  Just don’t tell me about your snow drifts ……..