March 31, 2015

All done.

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It may have been agony but it’s now done.



March 23, 2015

Something good happened

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I know I went on a bit about Mothers Day and perhaps I went a bit far for some people, but if I can’t be honest here then there’s no point me even writing.  But out of that last note I had some really good conversations with people about various things and it’s been good.

Mother’s Day came and went, as days do.  The passage of time doesn’t change just because of a particular calendar event.  But I was recipient of a random act of kindness which utterly blew me away.  I had an email last weekend simply telling me that Mr and Mrs S had been over and given my Mum some daffs for the day.  My sister and I were in tears.  Not because we were sad but because it was such and utterly amazingly lovely thing for this couple to do for us.

Mavis 1-20150314-122254


And then yesterday, I went to a village church that I’ve been doing some bat stuff with over the past year or so and they had their Mothers service.  Posies of flowers were given to all the Mums and then the ones that were left over were available for people to put on the altar step in memory of their Mums with angel wings.  Mine is the very end one on the right.  It was beautiful and simple and super special that I was able to honour my Mum at a Mothers Day service for the first time in nearly 30 years.  I’ve stolen this photograph, it was taken by Lisa James and was loaded onto faceache.


lisajames hinton



And then, as if the day wasn’t good enough; they had cups of tea and a lemon meringue pie for post-service.  Well, in the interests of integrating into the village, I couldn’t say no could I?  That would be rude!

Oh, and there was bat pooh in the tower too.  Woop woop.

March 10, 2015

Leaving a legacy

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I’m not getting morbid, not this time.  It just occurred to me, what with Sunday being Mother’s Day, that most females rank their children as their greatest legacy to the world.  I wonder what mine would be?

You know I don’t have kids.  I’ve never wanted kids and at 25, learnt I wouldn’t be able to have them.  I wasn’t overly concerned at the time – and I’m still not.  There are plenty of people out there, reproducing and filling the world with human beans.  I’m over all the nasty comments and digs from those that are too insensitive for words – I’m un-natural and not doing my duty as a female.  Well, what-ev-er.

I didn’t have the greatest childhood, I don’t feel that I would necessarily know how to be a good parent.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some great role models in my life but I just don’t feel the need to breed.

I’ve seen friends and family churn out children and that’s great, I’m thrilled for them, I just don’t want one of my own.  So if I don’t have kids and openly admit I don’t particularly like the little ankle biters, why do I feel down about Sunday?

I miss my Mum terribly; she died when I was 8 and everyday I find things I want to show her, tell her and have her involved in.  My grandparents were awesome, but they too have angel wings.  My mum-in-law is fab and I’ll make sure she has a card covered in glitter and flowers and all that.  But I’m not a mum myself and I’m finding myself rather jealous of Sunday.

I want breakfast in bed.  I want a card telling me I’m useful and appreciated and loved.  The cats are utterly above all that nonsense and the chickens …… well, yeah.  I want to buy into the commercial sentimentality too.

I’m not an aunt yet.  Maybe one day, maybe not.  If my baby sister spawns then I’ll be the best aunt ever.  I’d love to be a Godmother but it’s perhaps the fact that my friends and family view me as not the best, most sensible role model out there that has prevented me from gaining that honour.  I’ll keep hoping.



My legacy will just have to be that; I was too outrageous to be responsible.  I’ll have to leave my worldly possessions to the local cat’s home instead 😉