May 3, 2016

Life is too short to not live in pyjamas

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There is reasoning behind my random title.  Having just had a lovely four days off work, what with the early Spring Bank Holiday and a cheeky Friday off work because one of my besties was visiting I have realised that I spent a large chunk of those four days, dressed in pyjama trousers.

They’re fab trousers, I’ll have you know.  Burgundy with reindeers on them, so totally appropriate for May.  But they are comfortable and soft and don’t have zips or buttons which has to be the best feature of them by far.  I wasn’t totally mad, I didn’t wear them to the concert on Friday night and I didn’t wear them when we left the confines of the house and garden to venture into The Great Outdoors.  I did however, mooch around my garden plenty in them.  Sometimes paired with a vaguely similar coloured t-shirt, sometimes my dressing down, sometimes my coat.  Who cares.

I have to be thankful for the little things that occurred whilst wearing my amazing pyjamas.  My friend still visited, knowing full well that pyjamas are a core part of my wardrobe sometimes.  The chickens still got fed and laid eggs – they don’t care what I’m wearing.  A lovely mate came to collect said eggs and didn’t give two hoots about my outfit.  My friend and I cleared out the poly tunnel greenhouse (bonkers idea on my part) and we finally managed to ice the Christmas cake.  Yep, you read that correctly.

What I guess I’m trying to share is that sometimes, pyjamas are a suitable outfit.  Things got done around the place regardless of my reindeer clad legs.  I was comfortable and felt capable of doing stuff.  That has to be a bonus.  I’m not sure my neighbours appreciated my clothing choices but that’s for them to deal with in their own minds.  The fact I was out of bed and kinda vertical is a achievement on my part which I’m celebrating.


And because I know everyone wants updating: the rose bed still needs weeding.