March 31, 2018

March update

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I’m not sure if people are really interested in these end of month posts but hey ho, here is my March summary:

Theatre was supposed to be ‘The Duchess of Malfi’ but snow stopped that, hurumpf.  I saw live transmissions of Oscar Wilde ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’ and then Julius Caeser. I also saw comedians Reginald D Hunter, Bill Bailey and Sarah Millican.

Cinema was ‘I, Tonya’.

Music was Dan Reed & Danny Vaughan from Tyketto which was an amazing evening. Also Marabooboo Allstars who are a local band I’ve seen before.

Films I watched were ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Hampstead’, ‘Gifted’, ‘The Shack’, ‘Daddy’s Home 2’ and ‘Una’

I’d challenged myself to read new authors this month.  I started with ‘A Secret Garden’ Katie Fforde who isn’t new but her book had the borrower receipt in it which inspired finding those books that someone else had read. One of those was ‘The Marble Collector’ by Cecelia Ahern.  I also read ‘A Daughter’s Secret’ by Eleanor Moran which was my first new author, ‘The Quality of Silence’ by Rosamund Lupton, ‘A Country Escape’ by Katie Fforde, ‘The Affair’, ‘Goodbye Gift’ and ‘The Missing Husband’ by Amanda Brooke, ‘My Husband the Stranger’ by Rebecca Done, ‘The Fifth Letter’ by Nicola Moriarty, ‘The Dark Angel’ by Elly Griffiths, ‘The Mistress’s Revenge’ by Tamar Cohen, ‘Last Kiss Goodbye’ by Tasmina Perry, ‘A Half Forgotten Song’ by Katherine Webb, ‘Secret Lives’ by Diane Chamberlain, ‘The Next Best Thing’ by Jennifer Weiner, ‘See Me’ and ‘Two by Two’ by Nicholas Sparkes another new author although I’ve seen plenty of his films adaptations, ‘No Place to Hide’ by Susan Lewis and ‘Small Great Things’ by Jodi Picoult. Twenty books in one month.

Health wise, I was super disappointed when my injections were cancelled on March 2nd because of the wretched snow.  This was reschedualled for the 16th instead. Dr Milne was very impressed with the scar sites, he claimed he couldn’t see where he operated. So I had some more steroids injected, I bled everywhere and then complained all evening about how itchy and annoying my ears were. The scars and surrounding areas were purple and bruised and sore the days after but he doesn’t think he’ll need to see me again – I’m welcome to just make an appointment if I’m concerned. I’m hoping this is the end of it though.

I had a random text message from my doctors saying I needed to have an MMR injection.  Now, I’m sure I had this when I was about ten back when it was very new but they couldn’t find a record of it and because there’s a measles outbreak at the moment, it was better for me to potentially have the injection twice than to catch measles and die.  It was a very cheerful experience.

The headaches have eased still but I’m struggling to get decent sleep, I’m not falling asleep very  well and then getting short nights. I’m grumpy and miserable but don’t know what to do about it just yet other than persevere and wait for things to return to whatever normal is.

I also had to see a new dermatologist about another lump I’ve had for a while.  It was also a new hospital to visit on my hospitals in the surrounding areas bingo card.  Lovely doctor, clearly only just graduated medical school and not been beaten down by the system into a drink dependency existence yet.  He poked it, went ‘hmmm’ took a photo and said he’ll refer me to Orthopaedics instead. The waiting begins again. I’ve got an appointment for early May.

So in the space of a week I had the MMR injection, my ears injected and my new(ish) lump poked at.

On the day of my last ears appointment, I had my first bat care call. It was actually a good call in the end,the bat had escaped through the thumb hole of the shoebox and flown beautifully around the finders kitchen before I arrived so I just gave him a check over and relocated him into a convenient bat box on the table wall of the house. Out of three calls this month, at least one had a happy ending.

Reading this, I’m impressed with how much I’ve done. I know it’s an exceptional month and come May, it’ll be an empty diary aside from bat stuff. Keeping busy is good and I know I’ve read so much because I’m not sleeping well. I’m hoping that April is less books and more sleep for sure!


March 3, 2018

And snow stops play

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I was really looking forward to March, the beginning of the month had so much planned and it was exciting stuff.  But then it snowed and because we don’t get snow all that often, life stopped.

March 1st, Thursday. A normal day by any other standards and until then, this place in which I live hadn’t really seen any white stuff, it had been bitterly cold but no snow.  Thursday lunchtime it was kinda trying to snow and schools kicked all the ankle biters out at lunchtime and my boss decided he wanted to be somewhere else, so leaving at lunchtime was for us too.  I didn’t mind, I had PLANS for the evening.  Plans that I’ve been hoping and dreaming for all my life.  For I was due to go to Stratford, home of the Bard, to the theatre.

Going to the theatre in Stratford is a bucket list item for me.  It’s one I’d like to manage this year if I can.  Thursday night was supposed to be my bucket list achievement.  A friend and I were going to see The Duchess of Malfi by John Webster, put on by the RSC in Stratford.  The theatre announced it was still going ahead but the roads were getting more and more dangerous.  It was decided that rather than end up in a ditch, we would not go.

We’ve got vouchers to spend on a future performance, the theatre was very good about that.  There is still hope that I will get there this year.  It was a massive disappointment but I have to be sensible.

Then Friday 2nd March was a Big Event Day.  It is hard to explain why it was so important to me but for those that have followed my journey know that Friday was injections day.  Not only that, it was due to be my last injections day.  Except Friday the roads were awful and the police were telling people not to travel.  All schools were closed, most workplaces were giving snow days and after ten minutes of opening, no shops had bread or milk or wine.  We were in a state of emergency, honestly.

So my injections have been delayed by two weeks.  I’m disappointed but being safe is more important than anything else.  I have to be realistic about this.  I waited and saved for so long, another two weeks isn’t going to change anything for the worse.  Be patient should be shouted at me wherever I go.  If I went anywhere, that is.  I’ve not ventured outdoors since returning from work on Thursday.

It’s now Saturday.  I have tickets to see a comedian tomorrow night at a venue in Cheltenham and tickets for a different comedian at a different venue in Cheltenham on Monday night.  Two nights that I’ve had tickets for for over six months.  I have everything crossed that the events are not cancelled and that the roads are clear.

For the first six days of March I had something in the diary for every evening.  So far, the first three haven’t happened.  Blooming snow.  And I have to be so careful in this weather.  I’ll fall super easily and hurt myself which could lead to a new forever issue.  I can’t risk getting cold because it leads to other issues which I could do without right now.  ME doesn’t cope with cold weather very well.

So, having not ventured outside since Thursday lunchtime I’ve been reading more – there’s not much else to do aside from watching the shapes and light patterns of the snow outside.  In February you’ll remember I challenged myself to read more autobiographies, I read two and really enjoyed it – I surprised myself so I’d like to carry that on through the year – although I’ll need to find this section in the local library which seems to have shrunk.  When I was in there this week, I was surprised at the amount of open space, lack of bookcases, lack of books.

My March challenge is new authors.  You’ll have noticed with my lists that I have a set of preferred authors and I binge read them.  So when I was in this week, I picked up a book from the returned shelves of someone new.  I also found the receipt of the list of borrowed books of a previous borrower within the pages of one of my books.  I’ve decided I’m going to try and read these too.  I’m letting my reading be led by fate or magic or something.