May 20, 2014

It wasn’t as bad as I expected …

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So the walk was fine.  Honest.  It was a bit disorganized in that I’d looked up the route to make sure I was happy with where I was going etc and then they took us another way.  Odd.  And we had to do follow-my-leader but the pace was okay for me, so that was fine too.  And we did indeed dress up  as promised :-

walk pic

Needless to say, the tutu and wings theme was quite common, but my wings were the best – they weren’t pink for starters!

We were all worried about the after-effects, let’s be honest.  I didn’t know how my body would cope with the distance or my mind the anxiety about it all.  But aside from cramp in my calves all weekend, I’ve been remarkably alright.  My emotions took a hammering on Saturday with an email from a friend who is battling this big c rubbish-ness.  I thought she was okay because I’d not heard from her for a while.  Goodness I’m dumb sometimes.  And I’m now really angry about the situation which doesn’t help her and doesn’t make me feel like I’m helping.  But I have to remember that us three raised almost a thousand pounds on Friday night.  That pile of tenners will help some scientist somewhere fix this wretched disease and then my friend will be back with me, explaining why my onions won’t swell or why my seeds are taking for-ev-er to germinate.


May 14, 2014

So much to tell you

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Last week I saw the M.E. Psychologist doctor bird.  She was far too young for my liking, I’m not sure that she wasn’t actually on work experience.  She said that due to funding issues, there’s not really anything more they can do for me other than discharge me from the service and offer me a drop-in clinic thing.  Ah well.  I got lots from it and hopefully my space can be given to some other person struggling with a new diagnosis.

Yesterday I finally got to see the Pain Management Team.  The youngster had told me to hold my ground with them and demand help.  I said if she read about a sit-in-protest situation in the hospital, she’d know it was me.  She said my excessive use of humour is preventing me from accepting the chronic-ness of my diagnosis.  Silly wench.  Anyway.  Back to the pain team.  Lovely chronic pain nurse and another youngster quack, but he had a beard so clearly trying to look older.  I did indeed, refuse to budge until I had a shopping trolley of things.  My pharmacuticals are being changed to give me more of a constant pain relief, I’m being referred for hydro-therapy, I have to go to some happy clappy group session to stay in the system but the thing I really wanted; I’m on the list for a TENS machine.  Yey.  I only get it for a month to try and then if I like it I can buy one.  I’m chalking that up as a result.

Two days to go until this crazy Twilight Walk.  I had hoped to hit £600 when the donations were flying in, but we’ve paused at £551 for some weeks.  Never mind.  So, 5km.  Have seen the route, that’s fine, have planned lots of pink things to wear, not so fine but it’s a good cause.  And it’ll be dark I hope.  Hahaha

Then next Friday I’m leading a walk through the park and along the river in town for education and public interaction with the bats.  9pm meet at the park-side of the Bell Tower if you’re interested?  Should be fun and I won’t be wearing pink!

May 2, 2014

It’s the Final Countdown, a la Joey Tempest

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I’ve got that keyboard bit in my head lots.  Nothing like a bit of 80’s cheesy rock to inspire and motivate eh.  Put Europe on loud, turn up to 11 and bounce around the room.

So.  Two weeks to go.  Eeeeek. Two weeks until this crazy Twilight Walk.  When we decided to do this madness, I thought it would be good if we reached £150 in sponsorship donation thingies.  Now we’ve just hit £551 and I’m totally overwhelmed.  What does strike me as insane, is that all bar 4 of the 40 donations, are friends, so I’m hoping the family ones will pile in once we do it and are lying in a crumpled heap on the sports field.  Then the total might be stupidly amazing.

My preparations are going well, I’m walking the length of the front garden (120 feet) at least twice a day.  I’m sure that’s more than enough to get me through 5km at 10pm at night.  Oh, and I’m carb loading for energy.  Thought I’d start that early and get through this mountain of hot cross buns I’ve been stock piling for the end of the world.

Aside from all that, I’m not ideally well.  I’m having a joint flare up and as my quack cannot get me to physio for splints or supports before 2018, we’re having some time of increased pain meds.  Nice.  When I say ‘joint’ I do mean more than one of course.  Nothing simple with my skeleton.  Need to get on top of this quickly though, I’m being booked up for proper paid commercial bat surveys (woop woop) and I’ve got the first Evesham Bat Walk of 2014 happening on the 23rd.  I need to be able to string a few words together in the right order, and walk and hold stuff.

Come along if you are free, it’ll be a fun hour, I promise.  I’ve been told I’m highly entertaining.  Not sure if that comment was meant as a compliment, but I’m taking it as such.

April 2, 2014

week four over

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I was almost excited when I jumped on the scales this morning, except the stupid things say I have lost nothing in these past two weeks.


How rubbish is that?!!!?  And really rather confusing as my trusty jeans don’t fit, I need a new hole in my belt and hubby has commented that features have come back to my face.  I can feel my cheekbones too.

But.  I’m not going to let it get me down because I feel really good inside.  I’m not bloated anymore, I don’t feel like my belly is about to explode with some unknown entity, I’m not getting the stomach cramps I was getting and I can understand that *something* in my diet was not agreeing with me before.

But I miss pain au chocolats with my sister on a Saturday morning.  I miss the option of a jacket potato for tea.  I miss that satisfying, salty crunch of crisps.

I’m motivated to keep going though.  This journey of eating lettuce and fresh air technically ends in three weeks for me and in six and a half weeks is my scary 5km twilight walk.  Btw – THANK YOU to each of you for your support, I am overwhelmed by your generosity and fun comments.  Two weeks after the walk, our gorgeous friends are getting married and I want to look slightly gorgeous too, so I need to stick to some sort of proper eating thing.

I’ll get there.  I just won’t be less-heifer-ish when I had hoped to be.

March 21, 2014

So. Just *how far* is 5km?

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So I’ve done something crazy.  Really bonkers.

I’ve signed up – with my sister and hubby – to do a 5km Twilight Walk to raise money for cancer research on Friday May 16th.

It’s in eight weeks time and I have absolutely no concept of how far this distance is.  I also have no idea how this walk will impact upon my M.E. but it’s a fabulous cause and if I did any, the training would aid the weight loss I expect too.

So. If you think I’ve totally lost it or you just feel generous and nice, please feel free to donate a fiver.  Or more – we won’t say no!

Thank you in advance you lovely, lovely people.