May 18, 2015

Turn up for the books

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I did something wild and crazy this morning.

I stood on the scales.

I know.  Scary and mental and why-the-heck-for moment there.

But it says that I’m not *actually* as heavy as I thought I was.  I’m even lighter than the wedding day numbers!  Shock, gasp, surprise!

I’m blaming the lack of numbers in the consumption of my own-body-weight in home made rhubarb ice cream.  Whilst it is pure cream, there was a huge amount of home grown rhubarb in there too.  And I didn’t have tea, just pudding!  Plus, there was a traipsing around a wood yesterday, a mooch along a river bank on Saturday and then the total re-arrangement of the middle floor of the house.

Whilst I now have generated a very lovely guest bedroom, I have utterly destroyed my bat care room and there is no landing anymore, just a Krypton-factor-esque scramble to the next set of stairs.

Every night this week I’m on something bat related so I absolutely must remember to not take bags sugary sweets, not accept cake (just mugs of tea) and dance to the tunes in my head whilst waiting for the cute ones to do something worth writing down.

I’m still lazy, I’m still attached to heat pads or TENS; I’m just dancing (more swaying tbh) this week for a change.


March 23, 2015

Something good happened

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I know I went on a bit about Mothers Day and perhaps I went a bit far for some people, but if I can’t be honest here then there’s no point me even writing.  But out of that last note I had some really good conversations with people about various things and it’s been good.

Mother’s Day came and went, as days do.  The passage of time doesn’t change just because of a particular calendar event.  But I was recipient of a random act of kindness which utterly blew me away.  I had an email last weekend simply telling me that Mr and Mrs S had been over and given my Mum some daffs for the day.  My sister and I were in tears.  Not because we were sad but because it was such and utterly amazingly lovely thing for this couple to do for us.

Mavis 1-20150314-122254


And then yesterday, I went to a village church that I’ve been doing some bat stuff with over the past year or so and they had their Mothers service.  Posies of flowers were given to all the Mums and then the ones that were left over were available for people to put on the altar step in memory of their Mums with angel wings.  Mine is the very end one on the right.  It was beautiful and simple and super special that I was able to honour my Mum at a Mothers Day service for the first time in nearly 30 years.  I’ve stolen this photograph, it was taken by Lisa James and was loaded onto faceache.


lisajames hinton



And then, as if the day wasn’t good enough; they had cups of tea and a lemon meringue pie for post-service.  Well, in the interests of integrating into the village, I couldn’t say no could I?  That would be rude!

Oh, and there was bat pooh in the tower too.  Woop woop.

November 21, 2014

How was it for you?

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How was your World Kindness Day?  Did you get a surprise card or bunch of flowers?  I hope your Thursday was full of smiles.

I’ve started getting what my medical peeps call cluster headaches.  Attacks that come on suddenly, for no reason and make me feel like my head is both stretching to exploding point and sucking into itself via my eyeballs at the same time.  No trigger necessarily, not just when I’m at work or at home or in the morning or afternoon.  And sometimes they’ll last an hour or so, the longest I’ve had is three days.  I hate them.

But in a week’s time, I’ll be on Lundy.  And you all know what that place means to me and how much it fixes me.  Please keep everything crossed on December 1st that the helicopters are not affected by weather or mechanical gremlins and that I get an early trip across.  Not just because I selfishly want to get there as soon as possible, but so I don’t get into a total tizz having to listen to the noise of the machines (I’m so scared of them, honestly, I really, really hate helicopters) and trigger a ME fail.


Whilst I’m here, I’d love it if you’d consider using easyfundraising whilst you do your online shopping.  Food, pressies, insurance, train tickets and concert tickets too – just loads of retailers are involved like John Lewis, Amazon, Ticketmaster, pet food suppliers, grocery retailers and there are millions of good causes to choose from.  I’m possibly suggesting Evesham Bat Care ………… 😉

November 5, 2014

Starting over again

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This is a positive post 🙂

Since I’m enjoying doing my ribbon wreath, albeit a bit at a time I’ve made plans for my next wreath which I’ll make out of those tiny baubles that are about an inch diameter.  Baubles plus ring plus glue gun equals creating giggles and fun and a fabulous new thing to show I’m still able to craft and make pretty things. Something kinda like this I guess.  My sister is talking about making a pom-pom one so I’d best stock up on glue sticks whilst raiding the charity shops for tiny baubles!


I’m also needing to raise money for the bat care work.  The promotion of sponsor a bat for a fiver and give it any name you want is almost popular; we’ve had Jared Leto, Johnny Rotten and Mr Fluffy plus a couple more, but the hope that I’d have some proper rock star names hasn’t quite been achieved. However, all sponsorship will help the cute ones next summer.

In order to try and raise a bit more I’m thinking I’ll dig out all my card making stuff again.  The effort to sell it all didn’t really work so why not do something I love, with stuff I have, to raise money for something else I love?  Maybe if I’m not trying to make a living from it, I’ll get more pleasure out of it?

So, don’t forget me or the critters for upcoming events 🙂

July 16, 2014

A positive challenge

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So.  On a certain social media website, I have been ‘nominated’ (challenged) to write three positive comments every day for five days.  Being as I can’t even write a blog post every week just once, I figured that was a potentially tricky challenge!  So … I’ve come to the decision I will write as many positive comments as I can think of, when I remember to write!  No wingeing, no woe-is-me, just happy good things.

1 – Last Friday I went to a family wedding and saw loads of people that I haven’t seen for simply ages.  The sun shone and it was a gorgeous day. Love and hugs and profiteroles.  Result.

2 – At said wedding, I wore a frock.  This fact is unremarkable except I wear a frock possibly twice a year at most and this frock I haven’t been able to wear for two years since I finished WW.  I lost 12lbs in 5 weeks to wear this frock and NO ONE noticed.   But I know I looked good in it b’cs I’ve got a photo on my phone to prove it!

3 – My Godfather is coming to visit me at home today.  He lives far away and I see him maybe once a year so it’s going to be a fab afternoon of tea and chats and maybe a cheeky slice of cake. I can’t wait.

4 – I have a bat walk planned for the park next Friday (25th at 9pm if anyone is interested lol) and it’s going to be glorious weather (I’ve decided) so fingers crossed for some peeps turning up and enjoying my ramblings.

5 – I went to Oxford two weekends ago and found a beautiful silver bat charm for my bracelet.  I have bought it in honour of Bollinger and since it’s been in my possession, I’ve felt great calm with regards my attitude to what I did for him and how things turned out.  I did not fail him, nature just works that way sometimes.

6 – I had the appt at the pain clinic on Monday to borrow the TENS machine from the NHS.  I figured I’d take full advantage of the appt b’cs I’ve jolly well paid taxes for all my working life and rah rah rah!  I do have one of my very own, kindly posted to me by my Aunt and I’m now searching for new sticky pads for it (Boots are useless) b’cs I’m really liking this machine.  Feels a bit odd for ten seconds or so when I switch it on, but I do believe it will be a great help and reduce the amount of top-up drugs I need to take.

7 – Our Tom and Barbara summer is going well.  We have ten chickens (producing two eggs boo hiss) but so far we’ve been harvesting spuds and broad beans and runner beans and beetroot and sweet peas.

8 – It is less than one month until my birthday and I’m getting terribly exciting.  Attempting to resist the urge to check my Amazon wish list every ten minutes to see what has fallen off – for the time being at least.

9 – I have some top friends that I am lucky to spend time with;  in reality and over the interweb.

10 – I have booked a return trip to Lundy and you all know how much that place works magic for me.

July 2, 2014

Struggling with emotions

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I was really looking forward to writing this post, I was so excited to tell you about a new direction my life has taken, and then it all went horribly wrong.  You all know about my bat work and this season I’ve decided to also take on bat care.  Someone else will play taxi but I’ll be the one looking after the little thing.

Our first bat at Evesham Bat Care (gotta have a zippy name to help fundraising!) was Absinthe; she was a Pipistrelle who had been badly mauled by a cat.  She died overnight from her injuries and it was no surprise.  She was heavily pregnant and her torso was massively bruised, so the shock would have done her in.

Our third bat was Marley.  She was a female Serotine, who would have given birth in the last few weeks.  She too had been gotten by a cat, but she hadn’t been found until early afternoon, so she was hugely dehydrated, very cold and her one wing was just lace work really.  She would never have been able to fly again, but nature took over and after a big drink and half a meal worm, she died overnight too.

Our second bat was Bollinger. He was a juvenile Serotine too. He was found in the pub car park of a rock bar.  They named him Bruce.  We assume after Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden.


He was taken in on Saturday 21st June and he spent his first night elsewhere and I took him in on the Sunday.  This picture was taken yesterday (Tuesday 1st) and this was the first time he had stretched both wings out at the same time.  He was very little and had no teeth when he arrived, he was a proper young ‘un as it were.  I fed him four times a day and took him to work and everything.   He was a gorgeous little fella and everyone who met him loved him.  He had his own facebook page and was gathering followers at a rapid rate!  I had him for ten days and was chatting to another bat carer about time scales for flight testing him.  But then he died suddenly yesterday morning.  I was gutted.  I honestly thought he was going to make it.

So I’ve been dealing with the high of having a new direction, a new focus and the joy of seeing Bollinger grow and learn new skills, but then the heart break of him suddenly passing.  He was a total cutie and taught me so much.  I shall miss him – which is daft because I was happily planning releasing him – but this was so cruel, so sudden.

Who knows what bat number four will be or what state, but I hope the outcome of them will be more positive.