June 3, 2017

A Colourful Day One

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So, I survived Day One. Hoorah. All that fruit and veg didn’t kill me.

And I must apologise now. I think that people who take photographs of their food are proper wanky. I can think of nothing more self absorbed than a picture of your dinner.  And yet, I’ve fallen into that category.  I’m trying to justify it in my head by reminding myself that I need pictures for this blog, for people to interact with my challenge and help me.  But I still feel like a pillock.

You all saw my breakfast yesterday, it was tasty and pleasant and whilst my white element of natural yogurt wasn’t strictly accurate, there was no way I was putting banana in my face which is the only white fruit on the lists I’d found.  I figured natural yogurt was a good compromise because it’s good for gut bacteria.  And better than clotted cream in terms of nutrition.

I didn’t find lunch too much of a struggle either, I just made myself a reasonable bowl of salad stuff.  Fairly easy to throw together but I was reminded very quickly why defaulting to beige food is so easy.  Cutting and washing all these veg is hard work.  And I know you will be scoffing that line, what can be difficult about hacking up some items?  But I struggle with my hands, I find it difficult to hold stuff and giving me a sharp knife is a huge liability.  By the time I’d finished cutting stuff, three of my fingers had swollen, my joints were on fire and I really didn’t want to eat, I just wanted to cry and feel sorry for myself.  So this is an added dimension to the challenge for me; healthy eating without hurting myself too much.  I don’t agree with pre-prepared stuff, I think it’s lazy and expensive and a daft concept.  Plus, I’m too stubborn to give in.

So, this is lunch:

This was possibly more easy to do than breakfast.
Red/Pink – tomato
Yellow – sweet peppers
Orange – carrot (I dislike raw carrot massively, so this was a big thing for me)
Green – Lettuce and cucumber
Blue/Purple – Beetroot and red cabbage
White – Spring onions
Tan – Raw peanuts

I again, tried to eat whilst concentrating on my food.  I ate the carrots first because I really dislike raw carrots and I wanted to enjoy my meal, so I got those out the way quickly.  The rest was alright but afterwards, I felt like it had taken forever to eat, I was chewing my food so much more than usual and I was bored of eating by then end of it which is a new concept for me.

The evening meal was one I had to make that would suit both my new challenge and hubby’s need for feeding.  He’s tried to be supportive in this but ultimately, he is a boy and thinks that a comment along the lines of ‘I had a pint of cider, which is apples and therefore green’ is helpful.  Or ‘what colour is a cheese sandwich on white bread with salt and vinegar crisps?’

Neither of us are big fans of fish.  Not proper fish anyway.  We both appreciate it’s super good for us but we’re not bothered about it.

(As an aside, yesterday was apparently national fish and chip day in the UK and national donut day in Canada, why did I start Day One of Rainbow eating on this date?!!?)

But it was Friday and therefore it was fish for tea. This is what I made:

Red/Pink – Salmon.  Yep, it’s so good for us it counts on the rainbow scale, ours is wrapped in pancetta stuff to make it taste nice.
Yellow – corn
Orange – carrot
Green – green beans
Blue/Purple – was blueberries for pudding
White – potato
Tan – missing

I have to confess, I didn’t enjoy this meal at all.  I don’t enjoy fish, I eat it because I know I should.  I eat it because fish from the chippy isn’t the best decision.  And even hubby ate all the veg, the carrots were reluctant on his part and he flicked lots over to me but he did eat some.  I also struggle with the concept of potato being white.  Avoiding carbs is something I actively do when I need to shift weight and so having spuds is a weird thing for me.  I could have had cauliflower but the recipe for the roasted salmon has you bake the fish over the small new potatoes and so it had to be that way. On looking back, my day was gluten free and that doesn’t have good memories for me.

I’ve found myself drinking lots more water too.  I drink lots anyway but I made myself aware of amounts yesterday.  So one pint before breakfast, two pints between breakfast and lunch, two pints between lunch and the evening meal and then another one between the salmon and bedtime.  It may be excessive but water suppresses the hunger feeling.

I’m not going to say day one was easy but I bring my own personal issues to the challenge.  I’m certainly concerned at how beige my life had become but I have a bad relationship with food and beige is safe.  Safe but not good.



July 4, 2013

The day after the day before

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I was utterly overwhelmed last night by the lovely messages I got yesterday.  Thank you.  It made me remember that I’m really not doing this on my own.  That I do not need to struggle by myself.

To answer a few questions:-

*No, I cannot change meds.  This new one is working, it’s doing what it is supposed to do in terms of pain management and hasn’t got some of the side effects that the other one had.  Apart from immense weight gain of course.  I don’t want to go through the withdrawal and re-introduction of the old meds, the change-over this time was shocking.  Really awful.

*Yes, I think there is something wrong with my scales.  Hubby had to change the battery the other week as the original one had died.  Maybe that screwed with the readings? Maybe it needs re-calibrating?

*No, I am not going to join a weigh loss class.  I did WW because it was free.  I don’t agree with the praise and humiliate approach that these organisations take, all whilst taking your money with eagerness that can only be compared to me being faced with a packet of jaffa cakes.  I will revisit some of the information I’ve got and think about my portion sizes and all that again.

*Exercise is a bit of a problem issue at the mo.  Not that I’m sat around doing nothing (it is mid season after all and this girl *is* licensed!) but I can’t do anything ‘proper’ for long.  The joints in my hips, knees and ankles are particularly bad at the mo and I don’t want to have to see the lovely Russell again.  Not cos I don’t like him but I’ve had such a long run of not seeing him that I don’t want to have to get my joints pummeled professionally.  I’m doing as much as I can in terms of walking around but I’m struggling with stairs lots which is my usual fall-back of exercise.

*Myfitnesspal I will look at once I’m in a better place mentally.  Right now I need to sort my head and attitude out and then think about having to fill stuff in.  I’ve got a weight tracker app on my phone which makes lovely graphs for me, so I’m starting with that. Although I particularly hate it right now as I’ve gone from being ‘overweight’ to ‘obese’ in its eyes.  Well, words.

So we’re day one today.  For breakfast I had some granola which is a lovely alternative to porridge (too warm today for porridge) but I’m thinking it might be quite sugary so I’m going to look at the technical information and maybe revisit that as a breakfast option.  I don’t really like cornflakes and there’s not much else as a GF choice.  For lunch I had a tuna salad which I made last night, a tub of pineapple chunks and a nectarine.  Tonight I’m on a transect survey so lots of walking potential.

So far so good eh.

July 3, 2013

Quite frankly, it all sucks

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Rant warning:


Being GF is rubbish.  The food is boring (apart from the sausages, but a girl can’t live on sausages alone) the bread products are expensive, small and hard and I can’t have kitkats.

About the same time as I went GF, I had to change one of my meds.  One of my major players in the pain management game.

Since this magical time, I have gained in excess of 20 pounds.  Yep, in practical terms, a stone and a half.  Almost, all the weight I lost doing WW.  But the stupid thing is – the scales tell me this, my clothes don’t.

And no one has to my face either.

So.  Do the scales lie by admission or do my friends and family lie by omission?


Either way, I’m clearly not doing well.  I really, honestly don’t get it though. I’m not eating anything rubbish – as I can’t.  The only factor I can think is that I’m eating more carbs – pasta, rice and spuds, especially of an evening.  Do I attempt to go Atkins on GF?  I’ve got to do something serious to bring these numbers under control.  I feel like the blog is starting all over again being as I’ve undone everything that this blog has covered.  The other option is change meds again.  And I can’t face that.  The changeover this time was horrific.


So, I’m reaching out for help.  Please.

April 18, 2013

So far, so good.

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Not wishing to shout too loudly being as I still have a weekend to get through <sigh> but I would like to proudly announce that :-

I have managed ten meals Gluten Free!

(I did try to insert a 10/10 image but after four attempts, I’ve given up.  Would have been more impresive if I’d managed it, I know)

Admittedly, four of these have been porridge and fruit, three have been salads and three have been meat and veg but that isn’t the point!  A milestone has been reached and however small that milestone may be, I’m going to celebrate it.  With flapjack, not cake.

April 14, 2013

My first time!

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So, this gluten free thing is an absolute pain. I hate it. Hate it almost as much as I hated WW. I know it’s a case of getting used to it and organised but blah blah, that’s a bit grown up for my liking. I’m approaching this change with a full on toddler tantrum.

I’m trying this weekend to ensure at least one meal each day is gluten free. I kinda failed yesterday but here is today’s lunch. And it was actually nice. I’m going to make it in a tub for lunch tomorrow too.


If anyone has Rachel Allen’s ‘Easy Meals’ gathering dust on their shelf then please could I steal it? Cheers!