January 29, 2014

Something cheerful.

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I’ve just finished reading Freya North’s ‘Rumours’ – brilliant book.

I’m off to make another cuppa, shout at the chickens and start Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn’s ‘The Piano Player’s Son’.

Although, not necessarily in that order!


Trying to explain.

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My last post didn’t really help anyone. You worried and I couldn’t handle the contact it created.

You know when you take a jumper off and sometimes you get stuck in the body bit? I feel like that. It’s dark, my hands are halfway up the sleeves and useless and I’m not sure whether to start again. And asking for help is futile because I don’t know if I want arms or head out first or actually, whether I want my jumper back on now.

So, I’m taking this week to try and organise my head. To calm the thoughts and make some order. I am being entirely selfish. Books to read and films to watch and tea to drink. I’m enjoying the silence of my days and hoping for a good frost tomorrow as forecast so I can curl up on my beanbag in the kitchen and watch the garden sparkle and look pretty.

Normal service will hopefully resume soon. Hopefully.

January 24, 2014


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I’m not coping with this. By ‘this’ I mean everything and anything. Emotionally and physically.

I don’t know what to do and I don’t know who to ask for help.

It’s overwhelming. I want to sleep but I’m not tired, I just want it to be dark and quiet. I want to escape and hide.